Transaction History consistently inaccurate

In summary, my Curve App is either very slow to update changes to pending/old transactions, or just doesn’t do it.
At first I messaged support and they made some changes manually (I guess), that displayed after I logged out and logged back in, but it has happened again since.
It’s just pretty annoying because a lot of my charges are pending/variable charges and what displays on the Curve App is just quite often wrong.

Also happens when you change categories for purchases, I’ve noticed.

I’ve noticed this and logging out is the only way i’ve seen to make this update.
I have a lot of pending which then get cancelled, e.g. duplicates, hotel, car hire etc.

I’ve also noticed that if an amount is adjusted, it shows as partially refunded and doesn’t clearly show old and new amounts which need to be there to help tracking. I reported this and the fact that the UI is borked on iPhone because the lines of text overlap eachother. I didn’t hear back.