Transaction History Update?

How does transaction history work?

Hi all,

I have been using me metal card for over 2 years now and was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in the transaction history.

When I first started using curve the transactions would show up instantly in the history at the same time as the notification, but recently I have noticed it can take a while some times a day or maybe 2 for a transaction to show up in the history log.

If I tap on the notification I get about a purchase I can view and back in time from there but the transaction doesn’t show in the history.

Does anyone know if curve have changed how it works in an update or if it’s a bug or something else. Or is it just a me issue?


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Unfortunately I have no such errors in the transaction history. I would advise you have a chat with the Curve customer support team at the following address hopefully they will be able to troubleshoot further.

Thanks for your question.

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Yup. I have this. On the beta app (iOS) but been happening for some time.

Sometimes I’ll swipe down to update the list and transactions will appear, sometimes they don’t, even though they show up under the specific card I used.


I’m having the same issue on iOS.

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Yep. Flagged this a fair few times since just before Xmas on this issue. I have to open and force-close the app a few times just to get it to update!! iOS as well.

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I’m pretty sure that it’s more than a year old. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Most probably mate!

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Sometimes the transaction history takes ages to update depending on how many transactions you have done since you joined as app shows them all unlike the bank who don’t show years and years worth and they have to do something to your account to make it go faster I had that issue

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Thanks for flash lighting this issue. Current transaction history screen got strong refinement behind fetching large number of transactions. It was released in winter 2021. We don’t spend much time in this area anymore as in parallel we are working on full redesigns of those screens which will resolve large transaction number issues. Unfortunately right now we are not able to commit when this redesign will be released. Please also feel free to reach our CX team (account → help centre), and we can try to optimise your specific accounts history.

Hi Oliverda,

does this issue persists after killing the app and re-opening it?
Can you share with me how much transactions do you have in years?

We would like to re-focus around fetching transaction optimisation in few weeks.

Hi Greg,

I have about 6k transactions on my active cards not including the Curve Cash “card”.

Does the app try to reload all of my transactions every time if there is a new one or when I make a refresh manually?

I also have this issue. Whenever I do a transaction it takes time for it to show up in the history. It’s not really clear if it’s a delay of if i manually need to close and reopen the app. It does feel sluggish…

I’m on a IPhone 13 so hardware performance should not be an issue.

Hi Gents,
from technical point of view our app re-fetch all transactions after refresh.

We are doing our best to review and rewrite this part of the app. I’m trying to enforce that into our workload plan.