Transaction *NOT AUTHORISED* but Curve charged

Made a payment to a Merchant on 14/06 but transaction was NOT AUTHORISED and the Merchant has not received any funds but my Curve card has logged a transaction of £315 and my Nationwide credit card statement shows it has been charged to my card. Barclaycard told the Merchant they are not holding funds and the transaction did not complete and is Void, he is now asking I pay him again, which I have refused to do. This is seriously going to damage my relationship with them, what do I do?

Hey @jimk, welcome to the community! :blush:

If the merchant, has not received your money, it may be a POS error (we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you).

You should receive a refund within 1-7 business days. If this does not happen, you need to contact support at the following email address: or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

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Thank you for the welcome, I believe the transaction did not fully complete as the terminal lost connection before that, I am still surprised that the payment was processed.

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More or less the same thing happened to me a few days ago :slight_smile: transaction declined and money taken. After a few days, I received a refund for reversal.

OK thanks, I’ll hang on, 5 days so far but no reversal as yet.

I sent details of my query via the ‘contact us’ tab on the App yesterday but haven’t had a reply.

Just give the Curve support a bit time to lookup what happend and to reply to your request.

If its urgent and simply reply with „URGENT“ and it will increase your ticket priority, but dou should wait atleast 2-3 days.

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I have had an email from support but I’m more confused than ever. They say the Merchant has had their money and the Merchant’s card company say they haven’t, so I’m piggy in the middle.

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You have multiple options now.

  1. Raise a dispute/chargeback with Curve if the merchant doesn‘t provide his services or products to you.

  1. Wait a few days maybe the acquiring bank refunded the transaction automaticly because it couldnt match their internal transaction system due to a failure with the terminal.

  2. Show the merchant proof that the charge was successfull with a screenshot of your Curve transaction tab in app and hope he/she accepts it.


The Merchant has supplied his services, that’s not the problem. The transaction was Not Authorised but appeared on my Curve App and the Merchant allowed me to leave his premises with my repaired car. Curve have told me the transaction went through on the next day at 0300am, how that was possible I’ve no idea. The Merchant’s Bank have no record of this transaction going through successfully so they claim they haven’t been paid but Curve day they have and I’m stuck in the middle.

I guess give it two more working days and see if it clears or gets reversed

Please pop us a message on @AskCurve on Twitter and we’ll look into this for you straight away! :slight_smile:

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I have already provided the information via Twitter and was told that it can’t be discussed on Social Media.

Did you keep a copy of the receipt, and does it show NOT AUTHORISED? The receipt is always correct, and it’s essential to keep it in situations like this.

I suspect what’s happened is that the transaction was interrupted part-way through, so you’ve not actually been charged, but £315 has been authorised and it’s waiting settlement, which will never happen. Although you haven’t been charged, the money isn’t available for you to spend either. It’s reserved for the merchant’s bank, but they never received it.

The authorisation should automatically be removed from your account after a few days, freeing up that money to be spent.

These sorts of issues with payments usually sort themselves out after a few days.

The merchant made a mistake letting you leave with a transaction that didn’t complete.

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Yes, I have the receipt and it does state NOT AUTHORISED, but that is not really my problem. Curve have stated that the Merchant has collected the payment on the next day at 3am, which is preposterous. How could he collect the payment when it was refused, I wasn’t present and he was tucked up in bed!
This is why I don’t expect this to be reversed and suspect foul play or a mistake.
His bank have NOT received any payment.

Hey there,

Could you ask the Curve Support if they received an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) within the charge process?
If yes, simply give the ARN to the merchant bank, with this number they can track down the transaction in mastercards network and see where its stuck.
If Curve cant provide the ARN ask the Acquiring Bank/Merchant to do an ARN check on the transaction (ask for a signed copy) then mail the result to curve if its not charged.

ARN = Acquirer Reference Number
The ARN can be used for network wide tracking of payments and refunds.

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Curve provided me with and ARN number but the Merchants’ Bank don’t recognise the number and are still saving they haven’t received payment and aren’t offering any further solution.
What’s puzzling me is how this transaction was carried out in the middle of the night after being rejected at the point of sale.

I would guess that Curve are mistaken about the payment being collected. It wouldn’t be the first time. This sort of thing is one of the reasons I downgraded from Curve metal - there’s too much unnecessary drama and hassle. Not saying it’s their fault, but we can all do without it.

How can they issue me with an ARN if the payment hasn’t been taken? Do you think that if the payment hasn’t gone through will it get reversed?

Since Curve provided you with an ARN, it’s for sure that the merchant bank requested the money. Since only the Acquirer (Merchant Bank) with the Network Scheme (MasterCard) can create these numbers.

It looks like it’s a ghost transaction, it’s there but only in the card network. The Acquiring Bank probably didn’t recognize the transaction due to the connection issue with the terminal, which broke the payment session.

The Acquiring Bank should do a full lookup on the card network instead of only in their internal system (STIN). I had this issue with N26, a simple merchant unrecognizable request helped in my case.

You could ask Curve to do a merchant lookup via the chargeback code 4853.
4853 - Cardholder dispute / Unrecognizable transaction, request more merchant information.

*Please note, a dispute should be only the last option since you damage the merchant reputation on the card network.

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It may be a ghost transaction but it is still showing on my Nationwide credit card statement so money will be coming out of my bank account in a few days. If as you say it is a ‘ghost’ will it just ‘time-out’ and get reversed in the near future?