Transaction not showing in the app

Today I made a purchase with Curve, but the transaction is not showing up in the app. Curve did use the right card to make the transaction (I see the transaction on the used card), but sadly not in the Curve app.

Does anyone know how long this will take?

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Yep, this is a known issue.

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Ah thank you! I did search the forum for this, but didn’t find anything :stuck_out_tongue: Than I just will wait.

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Same problem here. A transaction in Paypal passed ok thru Curve and charged the underlying card.

I can see it as authorized in both Paypal and debited card, but not in Curve in between…

Hi there,

This usually clears within 48 hours. Sometimes like any card provider, curve takes a bit of time / could be a maintenance run on curves side, or an actual delay from the beneficiary you purchased the item from sending their details to curve. If it hasn’t displayed within 48 hours then I would consider it unusual and send a support ticket to curve.

Hope this helps.

Although always used to show instantly - not sure what has happened recently but hope that gets fixed soon as it was one of the major upsides of using Curve. If the underlying card is showing the charge then Curve clearly know about it as they’ve passed it through to it!


Now I see the transaction in my overview in the Curve app.

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User confirmed fixed