Transaction shows up on credit card but not in Curve app

I have received and activated my Curve card a few days ago, and normal purchases were displayed in the Curve app correctly. However, I’ve tried using an ATM with curve about an hour ago, and while the transaction was successful, and the underlying card which I had selected in the Curve app already shows the charge in its online banking, the curve app doesn’t show the transaction and I didn’t receive an email receipt (even though I enabled these). Logging out of the app and then logging back in also didn’t help.

Is this normal that some transactions / ATM transactions take some time to show up? Curve must know about the transaction as they were able to charge my other credit card for it …

Was known issue, but should have been solved (but apparently not?):

Interesting that it would cause the transaction to not show up at all. I would understand if there were problems with push notifications from time to time, but a transaction not even showing up in the app at all, even after a restart?

I hope this gets fixed properly soon.

Hi @Leseratte, I can confirm that on Saturday we experienced a display issue that caused transactions not to show up immediately in the Curve app timeline and in some instances delayed notifications.
The root cause of this issue has been fixed and you should not have any problems anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

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