Transaction time wrong

My card was charged automatically this morning by Aviva as we’re Aviva Plus customers. Went through fine, brilliant. Excellent work over the weekend!

I noticed in the small timeline within the wallet that the date/time is now shown for the transaction (is this new?). What caught my eye were the times were wrong - they were in the future.

It was approx. 8am (UK BST) when I woke up and looked at the app. The 1st charge was showing 8:34 and the 2nd charge 9:42.

Obviously this is wrong. I understand the charge may have occurred outside of the UK - I’ve no idea how some of this works. If that answers why they were future times (because the charge occurred say in India) that’s OK.

The bug… Surely the times should be displayed in my local time no matter where they occurred.

Hi @thecremlin,
that shouldn’t happen, the transaction time you see inside the app converts automatically to the timezone set for your iOS or Android device.

Does it also happen when you tap the transaction? (to open the detail of the transaction, you’ll see the transaction time on the top)

Did you check with your bank the exact time when the transaction occured? As I understood you said it should be 8:34 for the first and 8:42 for the second, right?

Also if it’s possible please leave there:

  • Which device you have and which Android or iOS version is installed on your phone

  • Curve app version installed on your phone

This will help the developers to debug this problem.


Apologies. No both transactions were/are wrong.

Aviva Plus charges your card monthly for your insurance rather than you having a direct debit (on a rolling monthly contract).

Our “payment date” is the 1st of the month. So… Sometime after midnight on 1st July (Wednesday/yesterday). The card was charged twice. Once for our home insurance and again for our car insurance.

The transactions went through. No issues there.

However, when I looked at the app at approx. 8am in the morning the 1st transaction was showing 8:34 and the second 9:42 both “in the future” with the 2nd being even further into the future.

I noticed because I believe the date/time showing in the mini-timeline (via the ‘wallet’ tab) is new. If not, I’ve never noticed them before.

  1. Tapping the transactions and looking at the date/time at the top of the details view shows the same (wrong) date/time.
  2. These were the 1st transactions since the work over the weekend.
  3. My curve app is v2.19.1 on Android. It updated yesterday at sometime, so it might have been the previous version at 8am yesterday.
  4. My device is a Sony Xperia X Compact.
  5. A transaction completed today has the correct date/time. Transactions completed before the weekend (appear, as best as I can tell) to also have the correct date/time.

I don’t know ‘when’ the transactions should have happened, as they’re automated on the Aviva end. Sometime after midnight.

By checking with the bank, do you mean the underlying card provider? At the moment it’s taking approx. 3 days for transactions made with my Curve card to appear on the underlying cards (since the weekend). I’ll update further once I can see them.

In my opinion it could have been a puntual error while Curve was completing the work to migrate all the backend. I understand that it may be frustrating to see an incorrect time for a transaction.

As you said today you completed a transaction and it’s showing the correct date and time.

Anyways I suggest you to contact support using in-app ticket or sending an e-mail to They will be able to help you better and take a look, as they are who have the access to the backend.

Best wishes!


TBH I’m personally not that bothered. I logged it as a bug rather than raise a support ticket in case it was a more wide spread issue in general that needed fixing.

I know others would be more fussy than me - esp. if it causes issues with refunds etc.