Transactions are displayed with a huge delay on iOS

I am on iOS 16.3.1 with an iPhone 14. I switched from a Pixel 3a where I didn’t have this problem:

Every time I pay with the Curve card using ApplePay the transaction is not displayed in the transactions for that particular debit card I use. However, there is a notification for the transaction and the cashback. So when I tap on the notification I still can go back in time for that transaction to shift it to my other card and then the transaction appears in the list.

As mentioned I never had those issues on an Android device and realized the bug when switching to iOS.

Have you tried to reinstall the app?

Yes, I reinstalled and verified the app multiple times.

The transaction almost never appears immediately in the list for that particular card. It takes up to to 10 minutes or more. it should eventually show up, but I’m guessing the app has a cache for transactions list and it does not refresh until a certain amount of time (cache timeout) has passed

Are you speaking with regard to iOS usage only? Because this is not true for Android devices - the transaction is instantly there or at least as instant as the notification comes in. (which is pretty instant) That is the sole reason I noticed this bug as I am used to the behavior on Android and the possibility to immediately go back in time if the wrong card was used.

I also don’t see how cache could be a valid explanation here as this should be invalidated with incoming notification. (as in the app knows that state changed)

Yes, this is my experience on iOS . It appeared sometime in the last months.
Regarding cache, my theory is it won’t refresh more often that once every x minutes the transaction list. The notification might not change the state, but only redirect to the transaction list. That’s why restarting the app does not change anything, typically restarting would imply resetting any state

Thanks for confirming, I’d still mark it as a bug as all information is in place to invalidate cache in the same piece of code where push notifications reside. That at least seams to happen in Android correctly.

I didn’t want to imply it’s not a bug, just speculating what might be the cause.

Hey @emilychi & @gasigo , Can you take a look? It’s a pretty annoying issue what only affects the iOS version of the app.

They are aware of the problem:

Thanks for the update!