Transactions declined for no reason


I’ve received my Curve Blue on July 17 and everything worked perfectly for the first few days. But since July 24, all my transactions have been declined no matter it’s online or offline. I’ve tried to contact with Curve through in-app chat but received no response until now.

I’ve contacted my banks and they say nothing’s wrong with my cards. I’ve used them on different websites and grocery stores and everything went well, so I’m pretty sure it’s Curve’s problem. But I didn’t surpass the card limits, no idea why I’m not able to use my card…

This is really confusing and the support team seems to have disappeared…

Hello @readlc97,

did you receive any card decline message in-app or notifications?

Did you know you can include “urgent” in your email body text to get a faster response from the Curve Support Team.

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Happened to me couple of weeks ago, too. Turned out, that I have accidentally changed my payment card in the Curve app from my my CC to cash card. Felt really silly when support helped me with solving it…

Ah, glad you resolved it. @readlc97 can you check what card you’ve got selected?

I didn’t select Curve Cash.

But I have received replies from Curve et it seems that my curve card has been automatically blocked due to lack of verification. I’ve transfert documents they’ve asked for and am waiting for their replies and solutions. Thanks for your reply anyway. :smiley:

Perfect, glad you’ve got the support. Let us know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

As I’ve replied above that I’ve got responses from support team saying that my curve card has been automatically blocked because there’s no verification in place for me.

And I’ve replied to the email immediately, provided my proofs of identity according to the instructions, but no response at all after that, even if I’ve send another email with a ‘urgent’ mark in my body text…

Any member of support team here that can solve my problems? It’s been days since I cannot use my curve card…