Transactions not showing in curve

I have Curve setup on my Galaxy S22 which uses Google pay, the first two payments made through Curve showed. But now for the last 2 months none of the transactions I make with curve using Google pay actually show in the Curve app.

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Did you try to re-install the Curve App?
If yes, please open a bug report in #feedback-centre:bug-report

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Yes i did thats

Hey @Lozzer, alongside creating a bug report as suggested by @FlareCO, I’d also recommend shooting a message to the customer experience team through the in-app chat. They can add this to a tracker of known bugs there too to speed up getting a fix.

I tried to to create a bug report but I don’t know how to can someone just not tell me on an email what I need to do to get this flipping app working thank you

Also it doesn’t matter which card I use in a curve app it always uses the same card from Google pay


Your last post makes me wonder if you understand how GooglePay and the Curve app work…changing the selected underlying card in the Curve app/wallet does not change which card is used when you pay with GooglePay. You have to select the Curve card in GooglePay yourself and then the underlying card is used which is selected in your Curve wallet.

And if you pay with GooglePay with another card than your Curve card selected in GooglePay these transactions do not show up in your Curve app.

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Ok. Sorted.
The instructions on the curve website are not very clear.
They should change it for what you just said

Hey @Lozzer, can you please give me a link to these bad instructions? I’ll see if I can work with the team responsible to improve them. :grin:

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