Transactions rejected via Apple Pay


I came across a problem and I need your help / opinion. I am using Curve through Apple Pay which is linked to a local Greek Bank Debit Card. On some occasions it works fine. Some POSs however reject the transaction. Firstly the POS prompts the store owner to switch from GBP to EUROs and then the transaction is rejected.

My Debit Card is showing EURO on the App and I have no idea why this happens. Why most of POSs are OK with this while others reject it.

Please keep in mind that in the App, I have give my Debit card a discerption name with Greek letter. Not that I believe it is relevant, but just in case, I just state the facts.

Is there an known issue with some type of POSs? If not, can anyone point a solution?
I would really appreciate it.

Best regards

Hey @dimitros_w, I’m so sorry that we missed your post!

Could you please confirm if the POS terminals that you’re having an issue with are National Bank of Greece terminals?

It’s been brought to our attention that in order to use your Curve card with any transactions going through the National Bank of Greece, you’ll need to perform a Chip and PIN transaction. Contactless payments will not be successful for the time being.

We’ll be reviewing why this is and seeing how we can resolve it, however, we don’t have timeframe in place for this so please try making the transaction by inserting the physical Curve card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN to make the transaction.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause!

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Actually Its happen to me too @Curve_Josh. I tried both Apple Pay and just contactless but didn’t work. First asked for EUR or GBP and then just " Decline" . The weird think is in the app look like never happen anything. No decline appears. If I remember correct the was “Decline error 67”. And yes was from National Bank of Greece POS.
I hope I help you with this info.