Transfer Curve Cash to another card/bank account

There was some talk about this for Curve Send but it doesn’t seem to exist in the version I have. Is it possible if so how?

Not possible, but :point_down:t2:

You are able to send funds from the Curve Cash card to a friend or family member, however.

It’s hard to tell as the help on Curve Send is so sparse (if I am being polite) but I don’t think you can send to yourself can you? I don’t really want to send it to family or friends and don’t they have to Curve account too?

No, as I said, it is not possible to send to yourself. But it is possible to Send (Curve Cash) to someone that does not have Curve. And you can use Curve Cash to top up another account, Revolut or DiPocket for example.

And you might want to check out (the first four post of) this topic:

@poeliev thanks I have transferred out via another phone number I have. Thanks for the pointers.

I tried sending to my self and it worked


I think it is because I come up as a contact on my phone, though with alternative mobile number

Someone mentioned that this is a work-around to send to yourself

Maybe it’s because I show up in contacts but with an alternative mobile number?