Transfer Euro to Irish Bank account? Possible?!

Because my bank will rip me off, I’m wondering if I can transfer Euro into an Irish Bank account. If I can, what will it cost me in fees etc?

You can ask a friend to transfer money to you via Curve Send.

Thanks but that’ll just put money on my curve card, right? I need it in my Irish Bank account.

Sorry, yes. At the moment, you’d get it on your Curve Card.

Curve Send (when it’s back up and running) usually lets you transfer to a card.

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Have you got Revolut? Hook this up with Curve for multi currency transactions…

Thanks but how will I get funds into my bank account from the Revolut card? Do they do transfers like that?

Yes they do

Great, thanks…I’ll look into it.

Curve send can’t be to you only to someone else so waste of time having it cause lots of people want to transfer between two currencies

I have used transferwise a lot in the past but found bunq a bank in Netherlands now do instant top ups and if your on premium using a UK card costs zero if you top up to €500 euros then very low fees and you can transfer it to an Irish account I do that way more now and it’s so quick to do compared with waiting on transferwise just to send money out but waiting between it being sent to being recurved isn’t as fast as faster payments in the UK but still bunq is quicker I use curve as my card I top up with so I get the curve fx rate and saves on fees

Thanks, I’ll look up bunq