Transport for London vs Curve Rewards

I traveled on the London Underground on the early hours of Thursday morning (00. 17) I had 0.28 points left on my Curve Rewards so the initial charge was 10 pence. Which is fine but now it’s Friday morning and I haven’t seen TFL claim the rest of the balance on my nominated card, as of course there is not enough money on Curve Rewards to cover the transaction.

Curve Rewards is set to be used automatically when it’s within the underlying balance of Curve Rewards.

TFL seem to charge the card weekly (so that the cap can be applied if you are making multiple journeys). I often see a micro transaction like this if I have not used my card in a while -presumably they are just checking the card is working, then the weekly charge comes later (though I can’t remember what day it usually processes). I don’t think it will causes any issue when they come back for the rest with Curve Cash automatic use turned on, as TFL still see just see Curve as the card so from their point of view its all the same and your underlying card will be charged. There have been times I have changed the underlying card between the micro transaction and the final charge and it has never caused an issue.