Travel insurance cover for pre medical conditions

I am very disappointed that being a curve beta card holder since the beginning that if upgrade to the black/metal Subscription service but the travel insurance would not cover me I enquired with AXA insurance if I paid ia small extra premium would they cover my disability whiling traveling and they said they didn’t offer that option.

This is totally unacceptable in the 21st-century when I banked with my Previous bank where their standard travel insurance didn’t cover me either but when l a small premium of £40 a year on top of My monthly account fee my pre Medical condition was covered while l traveled giving me piece of mind.

In my mind Curve missed a trick here and AXA Being such a big insurance company are beening discriminating. Unbelievable when most banks will cover you for a small extra premium.

Also I was going to upgrade my subscription on Curve but there’s no point now until they sort this out.

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Is not a travel Insurnace
It a medical emergency insurance

I hope it will change

You are Incorrect it just a Standard extra premium one will pay On the normal insurance cover that most insurance companies offer.

I should know as l done it for the last 20 years.

I see sorry
It in revolt term it called travel emergency

I am tired today

I appreciate you’re upset, but it’s a big step to say that they are discriminating against you by choosing not to provide an offer to you.

They are a private company are within their rights to decide who they do and don’t want to do business with. They don’t have to provide a reason for deciding not to sell you something or refusing to accept a risk you’re asking them to take on. It doesn’t appear to me that they are being prejudiced or unjust, they have simply decided not to offer a product that one of their competitors may offer.

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That might be so but it still incorrect in the 21st-century Because I’m not asking for it free I always pay extra premium because of my disability In which they make more money and especially in the last 20 years I only claimed twice with my travel Insurance’s.

Some People will say it was a waste of money paying the extra premium but it gives me price of mind.

AXA are discriminating against disabled people because they are a global company with a presence in 64 countries and founded in 1816 and should know better and they should be more forward thinking.

Also I love my Curve card and the fact l cant Utilise the full benefits of a subscription to give me total peace of mind even thru I have to pay an extra premium is very disappointing and will not reflect well on curve being a modern company not covering a more Diverse members of society in the 21st century even with an extra premium payment required.

Apart from that curve is great.

I didn’t know that about revolt card about what they call their insurance cover and don’t worry we can’t know everything but we learn something new every day :slight_smile:

It is equally annoying that it has a low age limit too without the possibility of paying an extra premium.


That is annoying too. I’m surprised Curve didn’t make sure that the policy they chose to use and offer didn’t cover the widest section of society as possible with Ability to add an extra premium if necessary.

Not very forward thinking.

It’s probably within curves target market, and they’re probably aligned with other fintechs. It’s probably the same cover as other companies but with curves logos.

With the population getting older they are missing a trick. Older people >70 are not covered yet many of this group live long lives after that and they have the money to pay for subscriptions for benefits they appreciate. Everyone gets older descrimination of that group by AXA is ageist these days, many will use curve for a long time then have benefits withdrawn when they reach 70. Unfair, yes, should Curve negotiate with AXA, yes many will even pay more for those benefits. Curve is being very short-sighted. No point paying £150 a year after 70 there are not enough benefits. Other fintechs offer use overseas for free with good exchange rates no fees.

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Again, it’s not discrimination. It’s simply AXA choosing which customers they want, which they are 100% within their rights to do. You are more than welcome not to purchase the product.

I’m sure some insurer somewhere will insure you for a premium that is appropriate to your risk, but unfortunately it seems AXA aren’t willing to accept the risk profile of people over 70. It’s not discrimination, it’s just business.

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I just found out AXA do offer pre medical cover just adding an extra premium payment as l suspected but not on the policy Curve choose to use which seems stupid and shortsighted.

So I won’t be using their subscription option which is a shame as l like have all my travel insurance under one roof. Curve loss.

AXA are one of the biggest Insurance companies in the world and they should offer the option to add an extra premium to cover most things If people are willing to pay the extra cost for their individual needs.

It should be available on all AXA travel insurance policIes as extra premium cost if required.

Most of time I never make a claim so AXA would make more money as well as giving me peace of mind.

Oh well have to look elsewhere.

You are missing the point here, if Curve want to retain that group and the subscriptions, its them that should negotiate the insurance. As others said, banks do it so why not get into bed with the people they use, Aviva is used by TSB. This reflects badly on Curve.

Hey @DrPositive. Thanks for your feedback - I’ve passed it onto our product team. We constantly reevaluate our insurance offerings to provide the best product on the market to our customers.

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I Hope things improve curve

I would argue that it is against the disability discrimination act. Private companies are not exempt.

“Insurance companies are not allowed to refuse to insure you because you’re disabled or offer you worse terms than other customers.

However, they can apply special conditions or charge you extra for a policy if they can show that there’s a greater risk of you needing to make a claim.”

However, I think they would get away with this by claiming that “they don’t allow top-up or tailored premiums” as Curve is the intermediary. This is not how it works but hopefully conveys my point imagine Curve buy these policies in bulk and that’s how they get there affordable deals, however part of that deal might be fixed terms within policies.

So whilst legally you might have a point. I can understand that the business might not wish too, as it’s is neither companies interests nor in their agreed scope to amend their agreements. I might be wrong about the ‘bulk buying policies’ but I wanted to illustrate that could be the case or an excuse.

All Curve has to do is amend the policy so extra premiums can be added at individuals request and which will incur Paying a small extra fee so one covered wether it a upper age limit or Pre medical conditions etc which I have no problem doing while l am travelling to give me peace of mind.

If Curve can’t or won’t change the policy to allow extra premiums to be added when needed then I will have to look elsewhere Which will be a shame as I’ve been with them since the beta card days :smiley:

You make an interesting point but I’m sure AXA don’t make decision about product offerings before consulting their lawyers. Maybe they got it wrong, or maybe simply having a blanket policy not to accept changes to the policy is in some way acceptable.

Unfortunately you’ll find this situation isn’t down to just Curve, my bank has the same issue, and American Express Platinum which carries a hefty annual fee also does not have an “add on” for pre-existing conditions, which by the way is underwritten by AxA as well. We have a seperate policy that gives us the cover we need and anything else is suplementary cover, unfortunately we have lived the same situation as yourself for sometime. Unfortunate but the reality we are in…

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