TRAVELEX - Declined payment

I’m travelling to Greece tomorrow from the UK, went to pay for some extra Euros at Travelex Kiosk in Tesco store. £175 GBP.

  1. Metal card was declined.(payment card was Nat West debit card account 1).
  2. Switched to second Nat West debit card account, tried again and declined a second time.
  3. Used my actual Nat West debit card and payment authorised.

Obviously I want to use Metal in Greece and have tried contacting Curve for some reassurances and explanation on why it was declined.

The Metal card was accepted minutes earlier in Tesco store on the same NatWest payment card.

Any ideas?

This transaction is seen as a money order.

From the Curve ToS:

What can I not use my Curve account and Curve card for?

to pay for adult entertainment, gambling, cryptocurrencies, money orders (except wire transfers) and travellers cheques from non-financial institutions

Enjoy your holiday! :palm_tree: :cocktail: :sunny: :beach_umbrella:

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