Travellers beware! Loungekey now £20. Silent update from Curve

Just been into the lounge, i only paid £15 a couple of weeks ago. Just paid myself and my wife in, thought the person at the desk had keyed the scheme incorrectly at first when I get a curve notification for a whopping £40!
I could get us both a full english breakfast, coffee, and a pint of guiness, plus waters for the flight for less than this!
Makes the loungekey ‘bonus’ pretty much redundant for the average flight.
I’ve been completely unaware of the changes, no updates or emails from curve sadly.
Checked the terms and I notice that only on Tuesday that its jumped to £20
Kept quiet about that one didn’t you Curve.

I cannot see any point in renewing my metal membership. I should have listened to the critics at the start since curve is now truly lagging behind the other ‘metal’ cards…


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