Travelling to Portugal & US

Hi lovely people,

I’m planning to travel soon (Portugal & USA) and I’ll be using my UK Tesco credit card as my underlying card, so here’s what I would like to know!

Should I change the card currency in the app settings to the local currency, once I arrive in each country or should I just leave as it is, in GBP?

What’s the best way to use it?

Thank you.

Hey Marco,

Just leave it as GBP and use your Curve card as you would usually. In many cases you’ll get asked to select a currency after using your card in the US/Portugal (e.g. the card machine will offer a currency option) - in such cases always select the local currency respectively.
E.g. when in the US if you get asked to select a currency between GBP and USD, always select USD. This will always give you a better exchange rate.

I hope that helps!

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Appreciate ur help.
That’s what I’ll do from now on, when I’m traveling then.
Thanks :wink:

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