Travelling with LoungeKey

Share your lounge experience with us, extra likes for photos! :smiley:

Which one do you visit the most? :airplane:

Who offers the best lounges? What makes or breaks your lounge experience?

Have you tried any of these?

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I’d say most of the lounges I’ve been to aren’t worth £15 to get in if all you want is something to eat and somewhere to sit. You’ll generally get better food (and more choice) for a similar price by going to an airport restaurant. If you want alcohol as well, then maybe it’s worth it.

There are some nice lounges with good food selection, though, where £15 provides decent value even without alcohol.

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For me it’s about the environment. Having a place of relative calm to enjoy and somewhere to sit in comfort without the feeling that I have to be buying stuff.

The food and drink is important but I think I’ve always managed to get my money’s worth.

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Yeah, I can see that. Lounges are definitely getting less calm though as they get busier due to more people having access… Sometimes you can barely get a seat.


My benchmark is the food! How much is an airport meal and how does it compares to the lounge price and the quality of food?

How comfortable the space is would be a secondary criteria - bonus points for quiet spaces.

SAS lounge at Copenhagen is my favourite so far :smiley:

That is definitely the case in some places at peak times. Luckily I tend to be travelling in the opposite direction to peak! General departure lounges are usually still terrible…

I generally use BA Lounges but will use these when flying with other carriers.

The Escape Lounge at Manchester Terminal 3 was OK, I found a quiet spot to get on with some work.

Basic food but no complaints. Super simple check in process, gave them the card, scanned boarding card and signed and I was in and drinking tea within a couple of minutes.

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The best lounges ever are the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses, they’re AMAZING.

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I was (un)fortunate enough to experience the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha last month, which typically receives rave reviews. I had approximately 2 hours to wait between flights in and out of Doha. I didn’t want a full sit down meal, as plenty of food is offered on Qatar flights. It took a good 10 minutes of active searching to find 2 seats together. Buffet food on offer was ok but far from exceptional. Having secured seats in the downstairs area, one wasn’t permitted to get food from the upstairs area where there was more choice but no free seating, to eat downstairs. I presume that you were suspected of trying to take it out of the lounge. There were also queues for the gents washroom - although I did see one customer successfully request some dental floss!
Would I pay £15 to repeat the experience…? Doubtful.

I’ll make sure to stay away from the Doha Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge :smiley:

I was in this specific Doha lounge two days ago. Most of the reviews are saying it’s busy and you need to wait for showers, etc. In my case, Sunday 11am-5pm it was pretty empty at the beginning and a bit more busy later. For me it wasn’t a problem at all getting a shower and one of the nap cabins in the quiet area. I could eat easily, always had enough space, could work and everything was fine. £15 for this for sure. However, the normal walk-in fare ($127) is ridiculous high and is not worth the money for me.