Trouble with 3DS

Has anyone else been having issues of late with the 3DS?

When I am asked to verify a purchase if I choose to verify via the app I login to the app via fingerprint but no alert is there.

If I select SMS it takes often 10 minutes for the SMS to arrive, by which time the purchase has timed out.

Twice now since the weekend I have had to switch payments to my Revolut card for this reason.

Is anyone else having similar issues or is it just me?

Got a message from support today advising that app notifications are currently turned off (presumably for technical reasons) and that SMS is the only way to currently validate 3DS.

This currently poses me problems as there are issues at the moment with mobile phone reception at my house.

But at least now I know.

Was the suspension of in app 3DS approval communicated? If so I must have missed it.