TRY Currency Support

Many people from Europe have been going to Turkey for holiday and they spend in Turkish Lira currency there.
Have you ever considered supporting TRY currency? This way tourists can link Transferwise card with Curve as TW supports TRY fully.

Same as revolut?
Where you can convert TRY

I mean when you purchase something with TRY currency using Curve, It first converts TRY to GBP through MasterCard or Visa global exchange rates then it charges the actual card.
This results in a big loss of money.

Revolut partly supports TRY, while TransferWise supports TRY fully. Revolut partly supports because it does not allow direct deposit of this currency but still you can convert funds to TRY with minimal conversion fees and automatic conversion may happen without any problem.

If Curve supports TRY, we can connect Revolut or Transferwise or -if possible- a card that is issued in Turkey by a Turkish bank and this way Curve can charge in TRY.

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Are you sure?
According to FAQ mastercard’s/visa rate is not used -

I think that’s only valid for those currencies that are supported by Curve.