Trying to Cancel My Curve Account

I used to sing the praises of Curve to each and every person I talked to but now I’m not happy with Curve, I had a payment dispute which my bank finally resolved however Curve wants screenshots of a phone conversation and anything discussed on my bank app is data protected and will not allow me to screenshot this, plus they no longer have a phone number for Curve which is rediculous I just want to close my account and move on back to using my regular bank card how difficult can it be to just give me a phone number to cancel

Hey @ksean007, thanks for visiting the Community again and I’m sorry you’ve had this negative experience of speaking to the customer experience team.

Have you responded to the customer experience team to let them know the reasons you’re unable to provide the information they’re requesting? The team should be able to offer alternative solutions to this issue so that they can get to the bottom of this with you.

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Honestly I’m proper fed up with Curve and I honestly can’t recommend this service to anyone else because they will have no option to speak to someone in an emergency and that simply won’t do

Thanks for the response Joel but no i haven’t because I’m just looking to close my account and move on

I would like to thank you Joel for your support and a massive thank you to Francesca for the phone call support and for solving my issue absolutely fantastic, I was seriously considering leaving the Curve family but this won’t be happening now because I have faith that issues we will all experience at some point will be resolved,.

Many thanks to the curve team

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This is great news @ksean007 and I’m glad that the customer experience team have regained your trust! We look forward to you continuing to spend with Curve and would love to hear more of your feedback here on the Community too. :raised_hands: