Trying to downgrade for the past 3 weeks

I’ve been trying to downgrade my account for over 3 weeks now. Curve tried to charge me 3 times in the process. Email support stopped being responsive.

Can someone please take a look at my ticket and help me out? You can find my Curve account by looking at the email address associated with this community account.

Full timeline:

July 27 – I asked support to downgrade my account from Black to Blue inside the app.
July 27 - Curve tried to charge me for the subscription
July 30 – Email support asks for my year of birth and address to verify my identity
July 31 – I provide the information to the support agent.
August 12 – I send a reminder to Curve. No response.
August 12 – Curve tries to charge me again
August 17 – Curve tries to charge me again
August 21 – I get an email from Curve’s “half-robot, half-human” with irrelevant instructions on how to unblock my card (???).

It’s now been a month and support is still in a deep slumber…
Can anyone here help please? @Curve_Marie @Curve_Ivo @curve_luca @Curve_Nathan

Good afternoon nothrow,

I would advise you get in touch on the app and respond to the email stating urgent.

This will prompt a member of Curve staff to look into this as a matter of urgency.


Nathan Gould
Curve Investor and Tester

Thanks. I will give that a try!

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