Twitter Teaser 🔍

New Feature? You Tell Me!

Some of you might have spotted our little teaser across our social pages. The Community users are some of the most knowledgeable Curve users out there, so… let’s have some best guesses as to what exactly we’re teasing. 🕵🏻‍♂️

Is it a working platform where pending transactions actually disappear from your timeline, transactions that utilised “embarrassment mode” don’t get marked as declined a few days later and totals actually add up :wink:

Apologies for the sark, but it would be nice for fundamentals to be fixed before “something new”.


Hey @thecremlin, bug fixes and ‘quality of life’ improvements are handled by a separate team from who’ve been working on this new feature. That’s all the hints I’ll give since guessing the feature is the purpose of this topic. Speaking of which, do you have any guesses to make? :grin:

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Curve will be doing their own ‘meal deal’ of some sort… ?


Better benefits for black and metal tiers?


So… in meal deals, don’t you usually pick and choose from several options?

Maybe this means that they’ll add a set of benefits for Metal/Black cards that you can pick between depending on your use.


It’s transaction rules! :raised_hands: As in tell the app to automatically charge a certain card for a certain category of spend. Grocery to this card, travel to that card. I’d also assume transaction amounts. Anything over / under this amount goes to card X.

The reason I’m guessing this is because I know it already exists on the US Beta version of the card. :wink:


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