Two Declines today

Hello guys,

Today (20.01.2020) I got first two declines since I’ve started using Curve, so had to use my underlying card to pay instead.

The first decline did not result in my underlying card being charged, however the second decline resulted in charge to my credit card. So I’ve got charged two times - once by Curve even though I got a decline and the second time when I had to use my credit card to pay.

The two declines occurred at 18:00 (approximately) and 18:15 (approximately) Sofia, local time.

I expect to get this charge reverted (already submitted an email to Hope for not waiting for so long :slight_smile: ).

Also I’ve got some Updated Curve e-mail Receipts for transactions happened like a week ago with 0.00 charge and the Updated transactions climbed up in the transaction history even thought they happened a week ago.

Anyone faced same troubles recently ?

Usually the charges will revert within 7 days or so. If not, send the support team a message

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Well that would be good, however I’m curious why the declines happened.
Already e-mailed the support.

We’re all users or staff with no access to the systems, so you’d need to contact the customer experience team, they’re the only one that can tell you!

I hope it’s helped posting though

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Yep, I’ve already send an email to support.
I was curious about other users getting declines recently.

I’ve personally not had any for weeks!

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