Two years on from Curve Black 'legacy'

I haven’t posted on here before, although I have been an active forum reader, and a beta tester over the past few years on and off. This will likely only be of interest to those who originally joined Curve Black (Paid), before the rollout of the newer subscription products, including the Curve Black (Free) and Curve Black (Legacy) tiers to which we were all moved. I am not aware of statistics having been shared on the numbers in each of these categories.

In terms of product roadmap and planning for the future, where do Curve Black (Legacy) customers and Curve Black (Free) customers - the same people just depending whether they jumped through a few hoops in the right window - fit in? With the inability to return to Curve Black (Legacy) after is the hope that these customers will slowly disappear by migrating to paid subscription product lines? And of the people who managed to meet all the conditions, will Curve’s budget sheet support free benefits for them for life, and even so is that fair to new subscribers or to those moved to the Curve Black (Legacy) tier when they would prefer to have been moved to Curve Black (Free)?

Are others - bearing in mind this is from the same group of people - moved to the new Curve Black (Legacy) tier and now denied the option to move to the - clearly superior - Curve Black (Free) tier disappointed with the way that this awkward transition has been handled? Do you feel fairly treated? The short period offered to meet these conditions did not take into account that not all would have been in the position to meet those requirements at that time, whether for reasons of health or disability, or any number of other reasons. Granted, there may well be those for whom the lack of added insurance benefits was a reason to refuse to be moved, as I have read some cite this as a concern, although this is likely to be a minority given the other benefits on offer. But without having statistics it is difficult to know how many find themselves in this position completely through choice.

It would be helpful to hear from others who may have been forced to accept being moved to Curve Black (Legacy) and what their reasons for missing the boat so to speak were. Did you choose not to avail yourself of the free benefits ‘for life’ that were always expected in some form, once this surprise offer was made? Or did you simply find out after the fact that you lost that opportunity and resigned yourself to not being able to do anything about it. I count myself among this number, as I experienced an extended period of mental ill-health and was unable to handle my affairs. The only ever response from Curve to this has been that it is not possible to be moved, no matter the reason for being unable to meet the conditions imposed at the time.

How does the Community think Curve should handle these issues going forward? If as seems to be the case Curve does not have the technical capability to migrate Curve Black (Legacy) customers to the Curve Black (Free) subscription or to offer a reduced subscription price, should something else be offered? NB: Moving to any other Curve product loses the benefits of the Curve Black (Legacy) tier forever, which apart from the black card I guess is the higher fair foreign exchange limits and ATM withdrawal benefits.

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No, it was made clear at the time, once you switch from Curve Black Legacy there is no way back. It was made clear on multiple occasions.

I myself am a Curve black Legacy user which didn’t switch because I didn’t like the strong arm tactics that I thought was used at the time.

The people that did switch hopefully weighed up the pros and cons and came to a decision which was right for them.

Thanks for your question.

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That’s a bit condescending. You seem to be answering a question which hasn’t been asked. Did you read the post?

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To be honest, I’m lost reading your post half way through. Probably because it has been such a long time.
I think Curve had offered several solutions at the time but obviously it has been flushed out of my limited memory.
I wouldn’t worry about Curve’s balance sheet for the Free Black. It’s all marginal cost to Curve having those benefits turned on for some early supporters. Amex has several tiers of membership for their charge card depending on when the product was purchased (yes they’re trying to push people off it though)

Curve sold Curve Black for £50 and promised this product for life. They then released a new subscription based ‘Curve Black’ for £9.99 a month, and informed Curve Black customers that they would be moved to a new ‘Curve Black Legacy’ tier, foregoing any of the benefits of the new product.

There was predictable outrage at this and Curve then decided to offer Curve Black customers a ‘one-time’ opportunity to secure what they had originally been offered by referring a set number of friends to Curve during a very short period in August 2019. Those who met these conditions would be given the new Curve Black product replacement as promised without further charge; others were moved to the new Curve Black Legacy product, which is basically Curve Blue as it currently stands without a hard cap on withdrawals or transaction fees, or slightly higher limits. Those who missed out are just SOL.

When challenged on the original terms of the offer and whether they considered people who may have been incapacitated, in hospital or otherwise unable to avail themselves of this offer - jumping through an extra hoop to get what was originally promised to them - Curve have refused to offer an opportunity to gain these promised benefits, or anything such as a reduced price subscription.

Emboldened by knowing that they do not currently meet the threshold of complaints referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service and are unlikely to do so, Curve do not even see fit to make a realistic pecuniary offer to settle this dispute, as they are confident they will not have to pay £750 to the Ombudsman for considering the case. It is very sad that Curve do not recognise their liability or honour past promises, or seem to care about the risk of damage to the company’s reputation in holding such a stance.

With Curve also changing the terms of Curve Metal, I would encourage any and all people who were moved to Curve Black Legacy tier without their active consent, or those who feel that the limits imposed to Curve Fronted for Metal customers and stand to lose out to make a complaint to Curve. If you are not happy with their proposed resolution, which will probably be a small sum of compensation, do refer this to the Ombudsman. At a certain point, this will start to cost Curve a considerable amount and they may take contractual obligations and promises more seriously. It also would not be a surprise to see the Ombudsman take the side of the complainant in either of these matters.

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