Tymit Credit Card

Hi, has anyone tried Tymit. I’m pre-approved for them and am weighing my options. I’ve seen conflicting reviews about the quality of the app and how easy it is to use and was wandering if anyone had any experience with it.


In another more general FinTech community there is a dedicated thread on Tymit, you might want to check it out:

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Sounds great

The credit card, reinvented.

Say goodbye to the minimum payment trap, confusing interest charges and hidden fees. Break the cost of a purchase at 0% APR.

But UK only

I use tymit and love it and works on curve too :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’ve used Tymit and works really well for spreading the cost of something free of interest for 3 months, or longer if you need to. All costs are shown before you decide on a payment schedule and there’s also a simulator for planning a purchase. App isn’t as slick as curve, but works well and I’d recommend giving it a go