Uber 21% Cashback

Hello All,
I have used the above link to book Uber frequently since middle of March. I have not received any cash back still. Please advise when i can recieve the 21% back?

I believe that’s only applicable to the very first ride you make (and you need to be a new user when you use the link) - at least this is what’s applicable in the UK. Can you send us a screenshot of the cashback offer here? (as offers differ based on what country you registered in)

Indeed, it’s first ride only, you have to sign up via the link in the Curve App, and the cashback then appears instantly.

If you have a new mobile number, you can set up a new account.

Thank you for your message.
I used the app in UK. It is a disappointment when i cannot get the cashback for anyone of the usage, including the first time of using Curve for Uber. It left me bad customer experience.

Did you signup to Uber via Curve or did you already have an account?

I also selected 21% cashback as a new Uber user and have not had any cash back tracked. I also tried to resolve this via the chat feature in the app and after my message was acknowledged the assistant has refused to respond