[UI/UX] Hide the Debossed Curve logo from the Selected Card

Can there be an option to hide the logo in the app appearing on the selected card? It has shadow affect which make it look like it’s debossed. It looks so ugly. See the screenshot for example.

Can we do what Google Pay or Apple Pay does? They simply show the card (and if needed a line at bottom of the card, e.g. - Default card). It looks kinda neat.

I love the Curve. But I’m a fan of beautiful User Interfaces. I really appreciate and admire the apps and people who make an amazing looking app. That’s why I’m fan of Revolut as well. Such an attention to detail.

TBH, I’m not a fan of all blue design. Everything is blue, default card is blue, background is blue, list color is also slightly lighter blue, Icons are blue, even most of accent text is same color as icons.
I’d like it a lot if accent color is your blue, and backgrounds are standard white or dark depending upon the theme of the system.

Now, let’s get to the navigation. There are three different sections all showing same info - transactions. All these tabs in the bottom are jumping back and forth from ‘Wallet’ section if I press See More in recent transactions, but it turns on a little funnel white to show only a single card’s transactions. How do I show all transactions now? Don’t know. How do I go back? No idea. And then there’s even more confusing Insights section. The navigation is so less intuitive that I don’t even prefer to look at it.

I think this video from WWDC is worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9uJbr9NlQ0


For my liking debossed logo is fine. It helps to understand which cards is selected as default.
p.s. Also I do like Curves design far better than revolut’s simply becouse Curve have dark theme, Revolut dont…


Have you seen their work in progress of dark theme? It looks fantastic.

Where’s this?

Looks like they have listened. At least in Android. Two of things have been improved.

The navigation and colors.

First get to colors, now accent color is their unique Red and backgrounds are white and black depending upon the system theme.
All fonts and icons colors are also changed. This is improvement over everything being blue. Although I would still like to see less red color. Still overly use of Accent color makes highlighting useless.

I would like to see same changes over to iOS which still have only one theme - Blue independent of system theme.
A white and black with Red accent color would be lovely here as well and consistent on both platforms.

Also the navigation has been slightly improved. For example the transactions for each card and be scrolled right below it and the sheet expands and nested scrolling continues. This is done on both platforms although it is handled better on Android. The sheet completely fills the screen while expanding while on iOS the sheet get stopped halfway when expanding. It should touch the top and completely cover the cards view.

Keep up the good work.