UK/EEA Curve Beta Signup

Curve Beta Signup

We’re continuing to build an incredible future for spending better at Curve and you can be directly involved with these innovative next steps!

Being a Beta tester isn’t for everyone. If this is your first time, there are a few things to be aware of…

There are two guarantees:

  • You’ll be the first to access and try out new features!
  • Something will certainly break.

Important things you should know:

  • You need to have a Curve account with a verified email address to participate.

  • You also need to have a Curve Community account and must request to join the Beta group to participate. This also gives access to the Beta testing category which is used for troubleshooting and discussions

  • Opting out of the Beta Products does not opt you out of the Beta Programme. You’ll need to private message the current Community Manager (@Curve_Joel) so that the Curve team can manually remove you from the Beta group.

  • We’ll add or remove you from the Beta Programme within a week of you requesting so.

  • Android testers can use this link after they’ve requested to join the Beta group and have been added to the PlayStore Beta.

  • iOS testers will receive an email via Testflight to access the Beta app after requesting to join the Curve Beta group.

  • Give feedback, so that we can build an amazing product for you. You can do this by contacting support in-app or via

  • This is an open Beta Programme where you’ll have the chance to test everything we roll out.

  • Please be patient, it’s a work in progress.

We do a weekly update of the Beta participants. If you sign up or opt-out by 12:00 Wednesday, it will take effect by Friday 12:00 same week.

Please read the Beta Programme Terms and Conditions and Beta Programme Privacy Notice before filling in the form.

SIGN UP HERE :rocket:


The Beta Signup form is live! :clap::smiley:

Peer to Peer will be the first feature that we’ll roll out for beta testing. There will be a quick update on the progress this Tuesday in the Monthly Update.

We’ve got new Beta Programme Terms and Conditions and Beta Programme Privacy Notice. This means everyone needs to sign up again. We’ll send out an email to the previous/current Beta Testers.

Click here to find the Curve Beta Tester group. Please do give me some time to check the requests against the signups :sweat_smile:

Happy testing! :rocket:

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Signed up!

Clicked the link and it says I am a member of the group…am I being dumb, or do I need to do anything else? :slight_smile:

I did the same. Scroll up to the original post and click the sign up link and fill out the form.

@Marie I’ve already got a TestFlight version of Curve. Is this a new one? Should I delete the previous version and ‘stop testing’ on TestFlight?

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i would to join beta peer2peer


wt., 6 sie 2019, 18:44 użytkownik Marie via Curve Community napisał:

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@dan_baker Cheers and done!

Form filled, thank you for the invitation!

Try to sign up for beta, however could not see form to fill up 20190806_191720

Done and done.
The wait is on.

You don’t need to be re-added to the group in here (Cc: @dan_baker). We will remove people who haven’t signed up using the form, you don’t need to stop testing on TestFlight and reinstall it if you’re already on it. Does that make sense?

@Mak26 That’s odd :grimacing: Could you please try another browser and let me know if that worked?

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i would like to join beta test @lukasz.kasubowski

Worked now with same chrome browser. Thank you.

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I must have my holiday mode thick head on so sorry about this but how do I get added to TestFlight? I was removed for some reason some time ago.

Sign up at the link above and they’ll add you in due course :slight_smile:

Thank you, I thought as I was already mentioned I wouldn’t need to sign up. I have now done this. Thank you.

All done, ready for the next update, excited for p2p payment!


Happy to have you onboard again :smiley: Everyone will have to sign up as I can’t accept the Terms and Privacy notice on your behalf :slight_smile:

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Thank you for inviting me back Marie, I’m an early adopter and love Curve, I promote it to everyone and believe it’s the best change in British banking for decades! Long may it (and you) reign!


Signed up.

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