UK/EEA Curve Beta Signup

Thinking of signing up, there won’t be any problems if I’m a Black Legacy user with the old reward program? @Marie

Beta for Android is already live?.
List of Beta Tester has been updated today as announced?.

Google Play say the app is not available for my account yet.
Thanks in advance.

Same for my account

Not at all :smile:

Checking up on it now @josemarq and @mate.herber :slight_smile: I’ll write to you here when I know we’ve added everyone.

Thanks, signed up for beta now :slight_smile:

Thanks :grin:

Back from Russia.On Curve Road again…:slight_smile:
Signed up.
Done and well done.

Quick update: We aren’t rolling out a new feature like Peer to Peer just yet and our Product Team is discussing which version of the app to roll out to you all. It will be decided and rolled out by the upcoming Wednesday.

Thank you to every single one of you who have signed up so far! You’re already helping us tons by revealing how we can make the onboarding processes can be improved :clap: :smiley:


form filled too, thank you for the invite

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Same here :thinking:

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It’s showing in the beta tab within Play Store for me…

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See my update :point_up_2:t5:


Signed Up. I’d like to try both iOS and Android!

Still no update hear.

Did you ignore my post? :frowning_face:


Hey, the “upcoming Wednesday” has been yesterday, how is the out rolling running :slight_smile:

The udpate of the list has been done, I’m in now. In Android also I have been added to the Beta. I downloaded the Curve Beta app, but not noticeable difference yet. If as announced they release only a new on-boarding method is not too much for now. But the Beta is on.:clap:

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Well as my badge says since last week I’m on beta too but haven’t received an invitation to the beta app in Playstore.