UK/EEA Curve Beta Signup

Great to hear you’ve been added @josemarq :smiley: You’re right, there’s not much of a difference for existing customers. We wanted to make sure the Beta signup process worked smoothly before launching new features into it. Very excited for when we roll out Peer to Peer!

Please follow this link @Krummi :point_down: You won’t receive an email from the Playstore.

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Yes I followed this links many times since last week but “the app is not available for my account”…
I signed up my Gmail address in my sign-up
@Marie I DMd you my adress

I also signed up for Curve Beta on 6 August and got the welcome email - but this link hasn’t been working for me either. I also get the "app is not available for my account” message

Edit: I can now join the beta via the PlayStore

Same here

Me too. I have been added here, but not on PlayStore Beta.

I haven’t been added on the forum but I suspect that’s because the email address I used on this forum was different from my Gmail address/which I had to use to sign up to the beta.

I changed them to match earlier today though it might have been nice if the sign up form also asked for your forum username

Hmm there was field “Curve email address” that I have same as email on this forum and “Gmail account” that I have provided for beta… Well I hope the staff can help here in time.

same here too, Play store link not operational yet with my account

Edit: fixed! one day later I got it available in Play store :+1:

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I’m in the same situation (not marked as a beta tester in the forum), although I have been given access to the beta app. I suspect this is because of email addresses too.

Same here @Marie

I’m in! Let’s get testing :wink:

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If you signed up before last Wednesday 13. Aug and don’t have access to the Android beta app yet, please double-check the email you submitted. You can update your details by following the link at the bottom of the “Welcome to Curve’s Beta Programme”, labelled “update your preferences”.

@gt94sss2, @Sardul, @Thax, @sw, @Dealcocero

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Thank You for info, I have to say yesterday I got access to beta android app so Im already on the testing route :slight_smile:

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Oops - thanks - spotted how to request access to the correct group now (I have access to the beta app itself and that’s working fine).

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I recently moved to android from iOS and I was on the testflight beta for curve… how do switch and join the beta on android?

You can either unsubscribe and resubscribe, or update your info by following the link at the bottom of the welcome email :smile:

when new beta apk will be introduced i mean with p2p… i am now in beta but i do not get new android apk

śr., 28 sie 2019, 16:43 użytkownik Marie via Curve Community napisał:

I have applied for beta since more than one week but I cannot access to Play Store beta yet. I don’t know if I need to do something else

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same here. I think Curve sometimes takes more than a week to update their Beta users. It’s not the first time this happens

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I signed up almost 2 weeks ago now but I still can’t download the beta app. Two Wednesdays have gone by.

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