UK FinTech Awards 2022- We Won!

UK FinTech Awards 2022- We Won!

Hey everyone,

The Curve team are thrilled to have been awarded ‘Banking Tech of the Year’ at the 2022 UK FinTech Awards on 20th April! :raised_hands:

The host writes the following about Curve :heart:

“The winner of Banking Tech of the Year is widely known and the beneficiary of superb market positioning that elevates it above the competition. It’s a UK native, a European powerhouse and currently embarking on expansion into the US, where it’s likely to thrive.”

You can check out which other FinTech’s won awards this year below:


Congratulations team!

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Congratulations Curve team! :clap: I can’t see you on the photo @Curve_Joel:camera_flash::grinning:

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Is it too early to use a :unicorn: emoji? :joy:

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this time but I hope to be along next time!


Congratulations! I don’t know how I missed this thread. :astonished:

Many congratulations. Keep up the great work :grin::+1:

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