UK SCA OTP Newbie Question

Now that SCA is “on” everywhere (in theory) I’ve been bombarded with emails from the banks etc. telling me that I may be asked for an OTP via the likes of 3D secure when shopping online.

Elsewhere on the forum (regarding MCC codes etc.) is the fact that Curve passes on transactions to underlying cards as e-Commerce (to me that means “online”).

Does that mean there will be the possibility that when using my Curve card physically (not even Apple/Google pay) in store, at the point that Curve passes the transaction to my underlying card that they see this as an “online” transaction and then issue an OTP that I may not be able to do anything about ultimately resulting in the transaction being declined.

Or is the whole thing clever enough to know that I’m in a store.

For your bank any transaction you do with Curve is ‘seen’ as an online transaction, also when you buy something in a physical store.
However that doesn’t mean that your bank should ask for a OTP every time you use your Curve card with their underlying card selected. That’s because when you added their card to your Curve wallet you have basically added a subscription with a variable amount to your underlying card. For monthly subscription amounts (like Spotify) your bank never asks for a OTP, so also for this Curve ‘subscription’ it should not ask for the OTP.


Ah. That makes some sense. I’d never thought of it as a “subscription”, but can see how that style of use could be “abused” by Curve to work as it does :wink: and that subscriptions (like Spotify) would have to be handled differently.

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I wouldn’t call it ‘abuse’.
The auto top-up function of Revolut for example works in a similar way. You add your debit/credit card to Revolut once and each time your Revolut balance gets under a certain amount your card gets charged to top up your account with a predefined amount. Only when adding your card for the first time a OTP might be asked, but no OTP will be asked when your Revolut balance is auto top-upped (because you already gave permission when adding your card).

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