Unable to activate Curve card on Samsung Pay for Samsung Watch

Issue: I am able to get verification codes when using the curve app and the main samsung pay app, but when using the samsung pay for samsung watch, i do not get the verification messages.

can this be remotely activated, tried to call the number for customer services and all i get is a voicemail. when i click on help in the app, it says failed to load.

How to reproduce it: go into galaxy wearable, click on samsung pay, click on verify.

OS: android 11

Device: samsung s21 ultra

App version: Curve: 2.63.1, Samsung Pay: 4.1.15


You can contact Curve support by sending an email: support@curve.com.

same problem with garmin pay. SMS verification are not send.

If i change my phone number, this SMS are sent.

Is there a known problem?
Support already contacted, but a little bit busy :yum:

You’re lucky they are sent after number change. Mine doesn’t even do that

Ah sry, miss understanding.
I received only the SMS, to change my phone number. (there is also an SMS verification needed)
Also with different mobile number, i cant activate the card, because i dont receive verification SMS. Maybe these are different services

Anyone have any joy with getting this resolved?

I’m having the same problem, just got a new phone and had to reset my watch to pair it. I can’t add Curve to my watch again now as the SMS never arrives.

I don’t know what they did but after I submitted a ticket. I have been able to receive the message after removing the card from Samsung pay, re-adding it and verifying. Samsung pay on Samsung watch I mean

My curve ticket disappears, tried again to add the card, now it works! SMS Received

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They must have put a fix in place since I’ve been emailing them about the issue

Did it too. Via Email and curve App Ticket :sweat_smile:
Finally it is solved :slight_smile:

I didn’t raise a ticket, but I just removed and re-added the card in Samsung Pay and got the confirmation SMS this time, so looks like they fixed it.