Unable to activate curve pay

I have downloaded curve app from Google Play and I am trying to activate the Curve Pay feature with no avail. It always fails with error try again later or contact customer support.
Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it? I think this would be a really cool feature to have working since Google Pay isn’t yet supported where I live :poop:

Hello @ksenchy, welcome to the community! :grimacing:

Unfortunately Curve Pay, is available only Huawei Device without Google Play Services.

More info here:

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@Mattia is correct that ‘officially’ Curve Pay is only available for Huawei phones, however maybe it’s possible to get it running on an Android phone by ‘turning it into’ an Huawei phone. Please check the linked topic below.


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Given the linked topic above, that shows that Curve Pay should work on a non-Huawei Android phone, in which country are you living and what is the BIN/Country of your Curve card?

I have Slovenian BIC card and it doesn’t even work with Huawei version of the app installed from the app gallery.
How did you get UK bin? I want to shred this one

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Early Curve customers all had UK BIN Curve cards. But now all Curve customers get a country specific BIN. As can be seen in the topic below Slovenian BIN Curve cards can not be added to Curve Pay (yet). As Slovenia is part of the EEA this seems a bug to me.

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Makes sense. Is there an official way to report the bug or is this topic enough?

This topic or the other might be not enough. But @svetidej told me several Slovenians contracted Curve support and that should be enough.

I’m also from Slovenia and can’t activate Curve pay inside my app. I have huawei p40 pro and app loaded from Appstore. I get try later error. It has been 8 days since I also contacted Curve support but they didnt answer till now.

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