Unable to add boon. Prepaid Card

Hello, I have an Boon. Prepaid Card with IBN 5440 06.

Can anyone Help me because I see boon. On the Supported List. Or is there any new Infos about the BIN?

Unfortunately the list of the prepaid available is not reliable anymore. Many cards mentioned are not working any longer with Curve ( Wirex, Paysera as examples ) . As far as I read in previous thread they are looking for a solution for the specific card you mentioned. No timeframe has been given tho. For Curve staff @Curve_Marie is it possible to remove the list of supported prepaid ? Is misleading and not supported with real possibilities

That BIN is being reviewed by the team, see here; Unable to add Prepaid cards

Please use the prepaid card thread for this discussion; Unable to add Prepaid cards