Unable to add card to Google Pay

I had to reset my smartwatch and now I can’t add my Curve to Google Pay on it. Everything goes fine until SMS verification. No SMS arrives. Anyone have any idea what to do?

I would suggest calling Curve on the number on the back of your card - that’s what I had to do to resolve Google Pay issues last year. They were very helpful and resolved it quickly.

After calling a number only option is to record yourself on voicemail :confused:

Drop a ticket to support@curve.app or send a DM on Twitter AskCurve

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When not receiving the verification sms for me it helped to ‘play’ a little with my mobile number, as suggested here:

However the last time this trick didn’t work, so I contacted Curve support through the in-app chat (for now only available for Black and Metal customers) and the issue was solved within minutes.

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Tried two different numbers, adding “0” changing +48 to +4 8**…

So probably I need to wait for response on my ticket. :frowning:

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Ah OK, that wasn’t what I got but that was a few months ago. It was the Google Pay app itself that told me to call!

It seems that Curve team fixed issue, I tried again today and SMS came in a second :slight_smile:

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