Unable to add Curve card to Apple profile

My card is getting rejected when being added as the payment card in my Apple profile. Card number CVV code and expiration date correct as is the address.
Needs sorting ASAP!

Do you have Curve Card with national BIN? :credit_card: If you have older Curve Card, your card’s BIN is probably UK and if your Apple ID’s region is set to different country, you cannot add it (Apple’s restrictions). :thinking:

You have following options:

  1. Request Curve customer support (support@imaginecurve.com) to reissue your Curve Card with national BIN
  2. Use PayPal as payment method for your Apple ID, where you can use your current Curve Card as funding source
  3. Change your Apple ID’s region in its settings to UK

You mean like in this topic? :wink:

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