Unable to add Greek Curve card to Samsung pay

I have used my virtual curve card(still waiting for the physical one) for over a month with no issues.
I used it on my samsung galaxy watch 3 with samsung pay.
I recently had an accident with my phone and borrowed another phone where i still managed to connect to my smartwatch with no issues.
Today i received my new phone,connected to my galaxy watch 3 ,but i cannot add my virtual card to samsung pay.I set my watch to spain where samsung pay is supported as i had it before.
I tried to many times to add my curve card but i get the message that the bank is not supported.
Why is that?
Thank you in advance

Not sure why it was working in the first place.
Because when you live in a country where Samsung Pay is not supported (yet) you are not supposed to be able to add your Curve card to it, not even by setting your watch to a country where Samsung Pay is already supported.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I made the procedure ,for two different phones and it worked flawessly.
Maybe its a virtual card problem?

I live in Greece,but i set the country to Spain and it worked without a problem

As I said, in my opinion this is the actual bug.

If you want to know why you can not add your virtual Curve card to Samsung Pay you will need to contact Curve support (support@curve.app). Since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account, so we can’t tell.
But my prediction is that Curve support will tell you that you are unable to do so, because you are living in a country where Samsung Pay is not (yet) supported.

But i can install samsung pay.As i did to two different phones.
However i cannot add my curve card to samsung pay.

This is because you are living in Greece, so your Curve card has a Greek BIN. Samsung Pay is not supported in Greece (yet).
As I said I don’t have a clue why you have been able to add your Greek Curve card to Samsung Pay before.

Maybe because i set my watch to Spain?

Who can get Curve with Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is currently only available for customers in the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Sweden.

Please contact Curve support (support@curve.app) if you would like to have specific information for your account. Thank you.

Thank you @poeliev

How did you make it to work? My Samsung pay says “card not supported”. My galaxy watch is in US region and it has Samsung pay enabled but Curve is not accepted.
Thank you for your quick answer and Καλη Ανάσταση.

Hello,i do not know for sure!
The watch is with a spain profuct code.
It worked for a month and when i changed phone never worked again.
I even change the product code to uk,and called Curve support.
Its under investigation.
It should work,because samsung pay,supports curve.
Καλό Πάσχα!!

Nope. It should only work when you are living in a country (so have a Curve card with a BIN of that country) where Samsung Pay is supported.