Unable to add KlarnaCard

I am not Shure if only me, but I am not able to add my KlarnaCard to curve account.

The verification payment is still showing pending on my Klarna Account.

At least one person managed to successfully add it to their account…

I am speaking about the Credit Card from Klarna the KlarnaCard, This person brought something from Klarna with a Curve Debit card

I had no problems adding my Klarna debit card to Curve

Ah OK, sorry I just recognised the name Klarna, don’t know the details of their products!

I also added succesfully my Klarna card, you must set the Klarna Card in the App to choose the bank Account from 0€ then its working.

So I was able to contact the KlarnaCard and told them about the transaction. And tried to verify my card again. Now it worked

anyone have experience with klarna card ?

experience with refund or 14 days back in time feature is it working with klarna card system?

Yes its all working