Unable to add Metrobank card

Hi I’m unable to add my Metrobank card — it fails with a generic error message asking me to try another card instead. Does Curve support Metrobank?
I got in touch with customer support but have yet to hear back from them.


I have my metro bank cards working with curve fine…

I can add my Metro Bank card…sadly I can’t verify it because I don’t use it much and Metro Bank have absolutely insane security/password requirements and I haven’t got a hope in the hot place of ever being able to remember all the stupid numbers!

You’ve definitely checked that you’re getting the dates and whatnot right?

Yep dates and CVV are all correct. The only thing I can think of is the billing address as I recently changed address with Metrobank. I’ve tried it with my current and last two addresses though (just in case the change didn’t go through yet) and it still doesn’t work. If it is the address though, Curve should really do a better job of providing meaningful error messages.

Perhaps try a small online transaction directly on the Metro Bank card, just to make sure that there isn’t something blocking it for online transactions?

Yeah was just about to suggest the same. Also, just checking - are you using the latest version of the Curve app?

I cannot add my Metrobank Business Card to Curve either.

My partner has just signed up to Curve today but problem is Metro bank card can not be added. She is using the latest Curve app downloaded from play store and on latest Android version on a Galaxy S21.
She keeps getting the message to verify card, next screen asks for CVV to be be entered, when entered the same screen comes on again.
She has however added the Lloyds and Halifax cards with no trouble at all.
Is this a Curve or Metro bank problem?
(I have the my metrobank card on Curve for iOS working fine)

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I am trying to add my Metrobank card into the app but it is stuck in a loop asking for the card CVC. I have entered the correct info. Please help.

Hello @okseamus,

Welcome to the Curve Community :tada:

did you try to re-install the Curve app?

Yes. I have managed to validate another card but my Metro debit card still gets stuck.

Did you already try to reach out the customer service?

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No i will try later thank you.

Did anyone have a solution to this? I have the same problem currently adding my Metro bank card

May be @Curve_Joel can chip in

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So long as your Metro bank card hasn’t been added to another Curve account already you should be able to add it to your Curve account.

Since this is currently failing, it’s likely that the bank is seeing the microcharge/ 3DS check as suspicious activity and are blocking the process. I’d recommend checking in with our support team to double-check this as they’ll be able to confirm if this is what’s happening on the back-end. Once confirmed, I’d then recommend getting in touch with the Metro Bank support/ fraud team so that they can remove any flags from Curve.

After this, you should be able to verify your Metro bank card with Curve!

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