Unable to add new major UK bank debit mastercard card, what are the most likely reasons?

New card from a UK major bank, debit Mastercard 5356 66xx xxxx xxxx.won’t add to
Curve. What are the most likely reasons?.
(The previous expired card was a visa debit on the same bank account, but the bank replaced it with a mastercard, not sure if that’s relevant other than it might be a new BIN that Curve don’t yet recognise?).

What message did you get when trying to add it?

"You Can’t add this card to Curve
Try adding a different card"

Outdated/wrong BIN lists. I had a similar problem. I tried to add this card again last week and then it worked. seems Curve had updated the BIN lists. Another reason may be that the underlying debit card issuer does not want their card to be used via Curve. Coinbase card for instance does not want that and when Curve tries to verify the card they sent a “do not honour” message back.

Thanks, I don’t think it will be Santander but I suppose it’s possible. The chances of finding someone who can answer that at Santander are slim to none. I’ll wait to see what the support ticket throws up. Thanks for your help!

Openbank (a Santander brand) until recently actually blocked the possibility to add their cards to Curve.

Ahhh thanks, that changes the odds then!

I see Santander is as bad in other countries as it is in its home country :wink:

Update, card now added OK Santander are off the hook (this time…)
Thanks for your help.

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