Unable to add replacement card

One of my cards on the Curve was about to expire so I deleted it from my Curve app and tried to add the replacement card! I received a message that my wallet’s maxed out and that I have reached my funding card limit!

There were four cards originally registered with Curve, so I removed another card (not used very often) from the app and tried to register my new card. No luck, same message, but no indication of why.

So now down to two cards, so in desparation I deleted another card! (Now down to one card!) Tried to register my replacement card but unable verify the card! App just said Add a New Card!!

I now only have one card registered on Curve - I see no benefit in this so may as well get rid of Curve and use Applepay directly!

I am being asked to upgrade my Curve account so that I can have more cards, I am retired so cannot justify a monthly payment where using Apple Pay is free.

I am a long time user (and financial supporter) of Curve. I have always had four cards registered and have had no messages that in future I can only have two as a Curve (the OG) user.

If I am only able to have two cards registered I will stop using Curve.

It’s weird that you did not get notifications or messages about it. They announced 2 months ago (a bit more) that they were changing tiers.
If you stay on free plan then you get 2 cards, you can keep your current cards but if you removed them you will be limited (as you are currently).

Maybe try to see with Curve to see if they can do an exception if they did not sent you the mails or alerts.

Thanks for the reply Bogz, but you know how good Curve is in responding to issues!

what type of replacement card did you receive? visa or mastercard?

John Lewis Mastercard.

i’ve heard about some similar issues with visa cards, then it seems to be a general 3DS issue. ios or android? i’ve tested with my own account, adding all type of cards work fine on iOS

iOS - all fixed now! But what a palaver! Still only two cards, pity!

As an early adopter and Crowdfunding Investor I would have thought that Curve would give us some leeway!

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On their defense they were quite clear about the change, it’s been already 2 months they announced it. And finally people can remain on free and can keep their cards until it expires.

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