Unable to add Tesco Credit Card

I’ve been trying to add my Tesco credit card to my curve app but it keeps saying that it’s already been added to my wallet, but I can’t see it there. I’ve tried reinstalling the app but that doesn’t help. I get charged the verification fee for adding the card but it doesn’t actually get added. Any ideas to fix this? I really want to get this fixed ASAP as I’m going abroad next Wednesday and was hoping to use my curve card to avoid transaction fees abroad with my credit card. Speaking of fees, can anyone give me a definite answer on whether or not I’ll be charged fees by Tesco for using curve?


Easiest solution is to email support (support@curve.app) and get them to remove card from your account so you can re-add. I had the same issue with my RBS card after verification failed the first time as it wanted to send me an SMS and I didn’t have mobile reception.

However I’d be careful before adding Tesco to Curve as they seem the most aggressive of all the card companies when it comes to how they treat transactions and charging fees - not sure it’s worth it for the pittance in rewards they offer on non-Tesco spend. Within Tesco I used my Tesco Debit card via Pay+ for the extra Clubcard points.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take that into consideration. However, I’ve already tried contacting support but it’s been 3 days with no reply; was hoping for better luck here. I’ll just await their response.

I emailed on Fri 11th and received confirmation lunchtime on Sun 13th that card had been removed - thought you would have heard by now, hopefully not long.

I’ve just spoken to Tesco regarding their fees. They’ve told me that as long as Curve process foreign transactions as a standard purchase and I’m only using it for card purchases and not financial transactions then I won’t be charged any fees by Tesco. So I guess it depends on how Curve process their transactions?

Tesco were treating Curve transactions as a “Cash advances” and therefore charging 3.99% for each transaction and charging interest from the day of the transaction itself.