Unable to chat or get support info via the app


I am unable to chat or get support info via the app. When I have contacted support I just get a email to rate the support I recieved.

IOS version: 13.4.1
Model name: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Model Number: MWHG2B/A

Curve software version: 3.4.10

I have more screenshot, but only able to post one.

Do you get the same if you go into Account > Profile (tap the person icon in the top right) > Help > “Still Need Help? Contact Us”?

You should be able to see your support ticket history and create a new ticket there.

Yes I do

Thats already fixed in the Android beta version, so I’d guess it will be part of the final version for Android + iOS soon.

I would guess now, but might you should reinstall the app?
It helped with some issues on Android (~1 month ago).

Thanks I have tried that but it didn’t work

I’ve not had any problems with tickets, same iOS version.

It must be something related to your account, something like this happened to me a while ago. You should contact Curve, they may be able to solve this for you! :smiley:

Send an e-mail to support@imaginecurve.com, as you can’t submit tickets right now.