Unable to downgrade - customer service NEVER answers!

I’ve got Curve for a while but when I had a question it took forever for customer to answer. The work thing was that they didn’t even answer my question and just shut the chat so I had to ask them again (and again). After more then three weeks I received an answer that was almost ok.
Then I upgraded to Curve Metal, I thought I’d get better support but what a laugh! Now I’m trying to downgrade but have waited more then 3 weeks and I don’t get any answer. I’ve decided to never ever use Curve again, it really feels like I’m getting screwed all the time. If the customer service had worked it would have been a really nice card!

For real, how do you at Curve think? Are you happy with this extremely poor customer service that you haven’t dane anything to improove in a year? What do you say @Curve_Joel

//A really disappointed Metal card member