Unable to downgrade to Blue from Black?

For a short time i gave Curve Black a go to see what it was like if there were any real differences other than the insurance which there weren’t as far as i could see. Anyway i stopped using my Curve for a couple of months and it was left on the Black plan, however i havent actually had any communication about paying for Black since i stopped using my Curve for a short period. Now I want to give Curve another shot but i dont seem to be able to make any transactions what so ever?? I can add cards and verify in the app fine, i assume this is because ive not paid the plan charge which i dont want anymore but the last problem ive got is the app just will not downgrade whatever i try with it i.e. uninstalling, reinstalling the usual. Has anyone else seen the stuck plan problem?? Lastly does anyone know if my card will work again if its downgraded to the free plan if support get back to my email about that??

Also was i supposed to have received a new card when i upgraded to black?? I never got one thats for sure??



Hey @john.kenny
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Can you please contact our Support Team directly on support@curve.app as they will be able to look into your account for you and help with all your queries. :+1: