Unable to GBiT partially refunded transactions

Very annoying that it is not possible to GBit partially refunded transactions.

Just purchased groceries over 200€ and a cashier made a 10€ mistake and refunded it to the Curve card… Well now it cost me all the cashback since I cannot move this transaction from my regular credit card to another payment card that gives highest cashback of groceries…

No GiBit so this beats the purpose of paying with Curve in hopes to be able to change card later, best and safest to pay with prefered card directly then.

It was also way better and faster before to get refunds as Curve Cash instead of waiting refunds for many days to appear to underlying card.

Any possibility to make refunds more convenient to Curve card and Curve card more reliable by allowing Gbit to partially refunded transactions?

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You can ask support to gbit the transaction. It’s not as convenient but at least the possibility is there.
Hopefully they’ll add the feature in the app at some point.

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Tried that before. Problem is also that if customer service does Gbit manually, for some reason they use different merchant category code (MCC), other than groceries, that does not qualify transaction for cashback.

I have this type of transaction every week as the online grocery always puts a hold on more than necessary until the exact price is determined later, which becomes a “refund” in curve (while its actually a pending transaction that never gets fully claimed). I think gas stations does the same