Unable to Go Back In Time

Good afternoon everyone,

It is more than 2 weeks now since I am unable to go back in time on my transactions. I see the following error every time. Why is this happening?

Furthermore, I have been sending support requests and recently I stopped receiving replies. Besides being very unprofessional, I rely on support to do these rollbacks manually since I am unable to do them by myself.

Looking forward for Curve’s replies.

Hey, welcome to the community and I’m sorry to hear that this has been your experience - I’ll get a member of the support team to follow up with you now.

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Keep us posted @nmcc24, please?

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Finally I got a customer representative to manually change the card on certain transactions.

In regards to the fault, it appears that Curve is aware of this issue that is affecting some users.

Looking forward to the next update since this situation is quite inconvenient.


After removing the card and adding it back, the functionality is now back up and running!

Good outcome - enjoy, @nmcc24 :slightly_smiling_face: