Unable to link my curve card to Google pay, new customer unable to get my free £5 and dont know what i am doing

Can someone help me please? Ive used someone’s referral code to join Curve but I have absolutely no idea what Im doing or how to get my free £5 once ive used the curve card to make a small purchase. Ive followed the instructions, selected the blue card but the app is saying its £4.99 to order a physical card?? Its not letting me connect it to google pay and im aware ive only got 7 days to make my first purchase to get the free £5.

You’d need to select the Barclays card in your wallet and make a purchase in a store using Google pay.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be credited a £5 bonus in your curve cash wallet

Hi thanks for the reply. Ive added another debit card to Curve, ive selected this in my wallet on curve and ive added the same card details to Google Pay. Can I make a purchase online using Google pay in order to receive the £5 bonus in my curve cash wallet?

Yes absolutely :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, you have added the card details of your Curve card to GooglePay, right? Not the details of the debit card you have just added to Curve.

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No. The app wont let me add the curve card to google pay as its not a card that can be added to things apparently.

Please try to add your Curve card details again to GooglePay, but now while your newly added debit card is selected in the Curve app.

I need to make sure im doing this right as i have to make a purchase to get the free £5.

You don’t load money into your Curve account. It’s not that kind of card. Your Curve card uses the money that’s on the cards you add to the Curve app.

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Paying with the debit card through GooglePay will not get you the £5. You need to use your Curve card.

Probably for now the quickest and easiest option for you to get the £5 is to use the details of your Curve card directly online (without GooglePay), when doing this purchase make sure the debit card is selected as the active card on the Curve app.

Dont work. Says card cant be added. I havent got a physical curve card, as it says you have to pay £4.99 for this. Ive tried entering the details of the card in manually on G pay but its not accepting it.

Let me just get this right. So i buy something with the curve card card details and itll take it off my debit card that ive selected in the wallet in the curve app? Its so complicated

Yep, that’s exactly how Curve works!

Just tried to buy something on ebay using curve card long card number yeah. Not accepting it!! This is so frustrating

What’s the message you get?